A Modern Backyard Oasis 9

Grapevine Pool and Spa Creates Pools to Meet Any Customer’s Needs

Building a unique outdoor living space is more than just deciding between salt water or chlorine and stones or cement. Justin and Courtney Sanders, the husband-and-wife team behind Grapevine Pool and Spa, believe the key to crafting custom, low-maintenance pools is becoming well-acquainted with a family’s style and needs.


“We are longtime Grapevine residents,” Courtney says. “My husband is a Grapevine High School graduate. We absolutely love this city and everything that it offers. That is why we knew there was nowhere else better to establish our business. My husband, Justin, is the owner of the company. He is the logistical and mechanical expert, and I am the designer. Our different gifts are what make us such a great team.”


Phase one begins with a meeting at the family’s home. Courtney says they get the ball rolling by asking dozens of questions.

“This time with them gives me an idea of their style, and what types of materials will match their home, taste and yard,” she says. “At this point, I draw a design and share it with Justin. He points out any areas that don’t make sense logistically, or that will be hard to keep clean, so we can determine the best design. This is something that sets us apart. Most people design a pool that looks good, but how much will they enjoy it if they can’t keep it clean? Lastly, I provide the customer with 3-D renderings of what the pool will look like in their backyard.”


“This pool, in particular, is one of our favorite pools because of all the different elements used in the design,” Courtney says. “The combination of fire elements against the water is stunning. I also love the use of different colors of travertine and leuders. We used beautiful glass tile on the recessed spa, both tanning ledges and all of the steps and benches. There are also glass beads mixed in the plaster throughout the pool which makes the water sparkle in the sun.

“The water feature is a 5-foot-long stainless steel sheer descent that makes a beautiful sheet of water, which adds to both the sound and look of the pool. The entire outdoor living area is beautifully enhanced with lighting in the steps, walls and flower beds. The 16-foot outdoor kitchen includes all the amenities, even an icemaker. And, for chilly nights, a custom bench around the modern fire pit. This yard, with its space, elevation changes and gorgeous view, allowed us to do multiple levels of seating, entertaining areas and landscaping.”


Form meets function with this pool. Courtney says its colorful, high-tech features can be activated at the touch of a button, including the electronic firebowls.

“Another button allows them to choose what color they would like the pool and spa to be at night,” she says. “They can also choose from a rainbow of colors or a light show that rotates through them all. With an outdoor space like this, why do you even need to go in the house?”


Courtney describes the backyard as having a “natural modern” vibe.

“The space is full of natural stone,” she says. “Every part of the pool and outdoor living space is comprised of straight lines and 90-degree angles that perfectly line up with the house and provide beautiful sight lines from inside the home. The homeowners were looking for a space to entertain their friends and enjoy time with their children.”


It took a total of three months to complete this pool, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing. The Sanders began building just after the record flooding on Lake Grapevine took place.

“It took about four months to get through the Corps of Engineers planning and permitting process,” Courtney says. “As you can imagine, they had more important issues to deal with than swimming pools. Once they approved our plans, we were able to proceed with city permitting. This is where most homeowners actually start their journey. It takes approximately three weeks, and then we are ready to start the excavation.”

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