Making Wine Drinking Personal 8

Wine Fusion Breaks Away From Wine World’s Typical Elite Perception

In an airy, modern building with tall windows opening up to Main Street in Grapevine, unique alcohol-centered classes and special “wineritas” all come together to create a modern twist to an age-old practice: drinking wine.

Wine Fusion is decorated black and silver with a blue-lit bar, accented by wine barrels and a wall featuring rows and rows of top-quality wine. Established in 2015, Wine Fusion had their two-year anniversary in October. The owners, Nick Kaufman and his wife, Danielle, wanted to find a way to bring the “elite” world of wine down to a personal level. Nick grew up around wine as a grocery store manager and was heavily influenced by his mother, a true lover of wine. He has since become a sommelier (a wine steward), and in 2013 hired a team of award-winning winemakers to start his enterprise.

The place is about as relaxed as you could possibly imagine, while still serving choice wines and food served on cute Texas-shaped plates.

Most unique of all, however, is the wine mixing classes. If someone’s looking for a bachelorette party, birthday party or even a corporate bonding event with a bit of a twist, they can make a reservation to attend one of Wine Fusion’s wine mixing classes. Classes are set in the urban tasting room, a room separated by a glass door that seats about 40 people. An instructor educates guests about the many wines on offer and then allows each person to try their hand at mixing a concoction, which can easily turn into a friendly competition for making the tastiest beverage. Once a guest decides whether to make a white or red wine blend, the hands-on experience begins!

After tasting, mixing and tasting some more, guests can bottle their creation and take it home. These classes are offered seven days a week and last about 1 1/2 hours. The cost is $65 a person, which includes taxes and 20 percent gratuity for the instructor. These classes are by reservation only.

Wine Fusion is also known to travel to conferences. Altogether, Wine Fusion has earned approximately 11 medals for their wines. It offers 18 different kinds; the most popular is Fusion Red Blend, which features fan-favorite wines cabernet and zinfandel. It has a high 14.1 alcohol content for wine but has a smooth and fruity taste with a healthy balance between sweet and dry.

Prices vary widely between wines—the cheapest bottle is $25 (Chardonnay, for example) while the most expensive bottle is $145 (Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon). A single glass of wine typically ranges between $8-$11. They do have specials for tastings, charging $11 for a taste of any five wines beneath the sweet or dry labels on their menu.

Despite being known for their wines, Wine Fusion also has a small offering of food, including hummus and pita chips ($8) and a charcuterie board for two ($21) or four people ($36). This board features a variety of meats, nuts and cheeses such as blue cheese crumbles. In comparison, their catering menu is much larger and features items such as smoked salmon ($14) and a fajita bar ($14).

Wine Fusion also offers a two bottle membership as part of their Wine Club. For $30 a month, members receive two bottles of wines of their choice that are normally priced $25 or less. Members also reap in other benefits such as saving 20 percent on barrel blending classes and all purchases of wine and food.

At Wine Fusion, modern-industrial décor and a relaxed atmosphere blend the elite world of wine with the everyday wine lover into a fun, educational and delicious experience.

Wine Fusion is located at 603 S. Main St., Suite 304, Grapevine. For more information, visit or call 817.442.8466.