Grapevine’s True Dental Breaks the Mold with Cutting-Edge Technology and a Fully Female Staff

In Grapevine, there is a dental office that is not only fully female-owned and operated, but also one that values its patients above all else.

Dr. Anissa Singratanakul, also known as Dr. Sing, bought the True Dental office back in June and has been leading the practice forward with a patient-centered mindset. Desiring to help people and also pursue her artistic side, she realized dentistry had just the mix she was looking for after a trip to her orthodontist in high school. She earned her doctorate in dentistry in 2012 from the University of Las Vegas Nevada School of Dental Medicine and moved to Texas to work in dentistry. In June 2017, she bought True Dental in the hopes of breaking into the male-dominated industry with cutting-edge technology and a fully female staff.

“We’re shifting away from old-school impressions and using a digital scanner,” she says. “Everything you find here is a bit more modern.”

The practice focuses on the patients, as Sing chats with each patient and calls after each major surgery to make sure every aspect of their recovery runs smoothly. Sing claims the best part of her job is helping her patients.

“[I love to] provide the skillset I have to get them out of pain, to help provide long-term help,” she says. “My goal is to help people for 20+ years. A good dentist is one that helps its patients [with] procedures that last.”

The office even held a raffle for their patients at Christmas time, and the winner took home a TV.

This practice is determined to provide the best help, regardless of insurance coverage. True Dental offers a bit of everything, including teeth whitening, root canals and fillings.

Sing lives down the street from the business, and says she has no problem being in the office in five minutes in case of an emergency.

As for the future of True Dental, Sing has no major plans for opening another location.

“Right now, I want to just focus on this [brand] and make it the best it can be,” she says. “As far as moving forward, [I want] to stay current and offer the best on the market.”

True Dental can be found at 1231 William D. Tate Ave., #400 in Grapevine and is always happy to welcome new clients.

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