Local Furniture Maker Specializes in Statement Pieces

What made you start Redoux Couture?

Redoux Couture started in 2013. I was working service industry at the time, going on I think 13 years. I had no expertise in furniture at the time. I was pretty much stuck in a dead-end job …

I had a lot of friends doing a whole lot of different art mediums. I was trying to really hone in on what I could do differently. So we had these old barstools, and my girlfriend at the time said “hey, let’s get rid of these and throw these out,” but I was like, “I’ll take them apart and see what I can do.” When I took them apart and put them together with really funky fabric, I was like, “this is cool.”

I started going to antique places and did a lot of research, like Pinterest. Music was a big influence, and fashion as well.

What kind of furniture does Redoux specialize in?

The one thing that Redoux Couture specializes in is pretty much just doing a lot of couture statement pieces. Even if it is something very simple and conservative, we’re using ostrich leather for this seat instead of regular black leather. There’s something in particular about every piece that’s going to add that extra spice to it.

What are the plans for the future?

We still are building up the brand, but this year we’re going to hone in on what we know we are. We’re just now tapping into the maturity of Redoux Couture. Breaking that difference of “they’re just a furniture company” to “this is an actual art piece” is something that we’re really gonna focus on.