What Started as an Online Business has Blossomed into Two Brick-and-Mortar Stores

In an age where technology rules, it’s not uncommon for businesses to boom with just a few clicks on Facebook ads or recommendations. The internet has become a huge funnel for unique talents, businesses and services to share their work with hundreds of thousands of people. It is what gave Swanky Chic Boutique enough popularity and push to actually purchase a physical store to add to their online business.

Starting in 2013 as two stay-at-home moms, friends Danielle Sinclaire and Courtney Mair began their business out of a guest bedroom. They sold clothes through their website and Facebook and almost immediately gained a following. With the slogan “Friends don’t let friends buy retail,” they’ve become known online and in their store for their trendy, affordable clothes. They offer clothes for customers of all age ranges and have “Curvy Chic” styles that goes up to size 3X.

In 2015, they hired employees and established a physical store in Keller. As their business continued to grow and they received an offer to move to Grapevine, Danielle and Courtney leaped at the chance.

“It [the store] had a very unique feel,” Courtney says.

They opened the store in November 2017 and have been operating ever since, though they still maintain their primary business on Facebook. The boutique has won several awards, including placing in the top three in the Fort Worthy Awards.

All of this came from two friends who loved fashion and took a chance starting their business on the internet, and it has since bloomed into a successful boutique.